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Become part of the Hub

As we are creating new projects and organising new events, we also want to open our Hub to new members. Where you can get involved depends on your interests, your skills but also on what you want to take out of RTH as a personal goal.

Applications for our newest RTH Member cohort are open from March 1st until March 29th.

How can you get involved?

Our Playground

Our projects and our research are done in project teams. Within each team, members can focus on how technologies are impacting different sectors and society as a whole. The groups are thereby able to a) illustrate the issues our societies are facing in each field, b) co-create solutions or possible principles and c) educate the general public on the matter. How exactly this is implemented depends on each project team. Projects can range from organising (panel) events or workshops all the way to publishing research or an opinion piece on the matter. We don't set limits, so feel free to find your interest and build something with us!

The Sectors & Technologies

Green Energy Turbines


United Nations


Sunset Over City




Staring at a Screen


Instastory food


The Projects




Breaking down different conceptions around technology and innovation that we call "myths". By "busting" them we want to create a general understanding for complex but not always difficult concepts for everyone to understand

Social Media & Teens


How is Social Media effecting young people? How would the ideal Social Media Platform for teenagers look like? And how are emerging technologies used in Social Media and communication? Social Media & Teens is exploring these questions and more...


New Project Idea?

You have this great vision of an idea in mind? Or you noticed we are not offering a project on your favourite topic? Bring your idea to RTH and let's implement what you have in mind!


You have some questions we didn't answer? Feel free to slide into our mailbox!

Thanks for submitting!

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