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Our Mission

The Responsible Technology Hub (RTH) is committed to decisively shaping the emerging technologies of the present and near future. Our mission is to foster an intergenerational exchange that elevates the voices of young people and allows representatives from industry, academia, policy, and the general public to connect and co-create a responsible technological future.


Our Work

We believe that the development of responsible technology is not a given. We must be reflective and committed to shaping it in the most ethical way possible.

In our work we want to educate and formulate our own vision of responsible tech. Our aim is to demystify the debate around tech responsibility and build an inclusive space for intergenerational and cross-sectoral co-creation to inspire a new generation of developers and leaders.


To achieve this our work builds upon three pillars:


Connecting & Enhancing young voices

Elevating and connecting young voices with professionals from policy, industry, academia and civil society and offering an interdisciplinary space for responsible technology co-creation


Educating the public on current issues relating emerging technologies and advocating for a responsible technological future 


Offering advise on how to shape and implement technology in a responsible way



(Tech4Good) Responsibility in developing technology for good, that does not negatively impact individual lives including animals. Responsible technology promotes humanistic values and furthers the greater good of society whilst ensuring a safe and secure use.


(Tech4Sustainability) Responsibility in developing and improving technology in a sustainable way, that does not harm nature: Making sure that the development and placement of technology in the market does not form another burden to our environment.


(Tech4Inclusion) Responsibility in including everyone and making technology accessible to everyone: Responsible technology is centered around the context in which it is supposed to be employed. This involves including not excluding specific groups and guaranteeing accessibility to all. 

We strongly believe that these three pillars build responsible technologies that are safe, secure and trustworthy. They put humans and their needs at the center. They help to see, think, create and act. They amplify, empower and augment human performance while limiting negative consequences

What do we do?

VR Goggles
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