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RTH Co-Founder named Foresight Fellow

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Carolin von Bredow, Head of HR and RTH Co-Founder is named one of 15 experts on Digital Democracy and will receive the Foresight Fellowship through Upgrade Germany.

From September to November 2023, the project is will examine potential future developments in technology and their impact on democratic processes. The objective is to stimulate strategic discussions about the future of democracy in the rapidly evolving digital age by providing targeted insights. The workshops aim to explore futuristic scenarios and to establish forward-thinking policy recommendations to promote democracy in a digital era.

The primary focus is on understanding how digital technologies could reshape the democratic public sphere over the next 10 to 15 years. Key questions include changes in public opinion formation, alterations in democratic processes due to digitization, identification of new avenues for public participation, and shifts in power dynamics. These topics will be explored through a series of three workshops, led by experts from Foresight Intelligence, Dr. Johannes Gabriel and Marcel Hadeed.

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