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Responsible Technology

The Responsible Technology Hub is a youth and young professionals led Non-Profit focusing on bringing the attention to making technology more responsible. We believe that the development of responsible technology that is fully aligned with humanistic values is not a given. We must be reflective and committed to shaping it in the most responsible way possible.


What problem do we see?

Discussions around responsible technologies are already being held by stakeholders in industry, policy making and academia. Even though young people are most affected by the coming digital innovation, they barely have a voice in the process that shapes this development. High levels of expertise and a scattered network of responsible technology enthusiasts make it even more difficult to formulate a common voice, visions and ignite change.


What solution do we offer?

To achieve this, we need to strengthen the voices of young people and connect stakeholders beyond their silos, to ensure that young generations are heard in debating the future development of technology. Our work thus focuses on three key areas:

First, RTH is a space that connects responsible technology enthusiasts across their individual silos in industry, policy making, academia or civil society. Second, RTH offers educational material that helps understand different technologies and how they shape our societies. Finally, we engage in advocacy for making sure that technological solutions are conceptualized, designed, deployed and used in ways that are in line with humanistic values and contribute to the greater good of society. The younger generations are not only the leaders of tomorrow. They are already here and need to be heard.

Our Projects

Wondering what we are doing? Here's a quick overview of our current projects and Events that are coming up. Feel free to contact us and join the Hub for our next event!


Join RTH


Become a Member of the Hub!

As we are creating new projects and organising new events, we also want to open our Hub to new members. Where you can get involved depends on your interests, your skills but also on what you want to take out of RTH as a personal goal.

Our application phase for our second member cohort closed March 29th, 2023. Our next member application phase will start in the first quarter of 2024. 


Responsible Tech Week

From 30th Oct - 2nd Nov @ 06:00 PM, with...

  • Benjamin Lange, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

  • Jan Willem van Putten, Training for Good

  • Marianna Ganapini, Alan Turing Institute

  • Julia Brailovskaia, University Bochum

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